OASIS: Open architecture for Accessible Services Integration and Standardisation

Project Leader: Mr Simon Edwards, Dr Yvonne Huebner
Sponsors: EU 6FP
The OASIS Consortium is composed of 30 Partners from 10 countries (Belgium, China, Germany, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Romania, Spain, and United Kingdom). Large industries (7), SMEs (6), Universities (6), Research Centres (6), Non-Profit Organisations (3), Public Organisation (1) and Healthcare Centre (1) are all represented
Start/end dates: 2008-2012
Contact: simon.edwards@ncl.ac.uk, yvonne.huebner@ncl.ac.uk

Project Details

oasisOASIS is an 'integrated' project with the aim to improve the quality and enhance the usability of services for all daily activities of older people. More specifically, OASIS makes use of ICT and other key technologies to provide holistic services to older people, supporting their physical and psychological independence, stimulating their social or psychological engagement and fostering their emotional well-being. OASIS addresses key areas of activity, encompassing independent living and socialising, autonomous mobility, and flexible work-ability. The project featured 10 applications: transport information services, route guidance, personal mobility, smart workplaces, activity coach, nutritional advisor, health monitoring, brain and skills trainer, environmental control, and social communities platform. Fundamental to OASIS was to deliver these 10 applications in an integrated way on one platform base on a specially designed ontological framework. The applications and integrated OASIS system and services were tested at pilot sites in: Newcastle, Athens/Thessaloniki, Plovdiv, Bucharest, Milan/Florence, Kaiserslautern/Stuttgart.