ForeStClim: Transnational Forestry Management Strategies in Response to Regional Climate Change Impacts

Project Leader: Dr James Bathurst
Start/end dates: 2008-2012

Project Details

foreStClimForeStClim is a 5 year project, funded by the EU INTERREG IVB NWE program and led by the Research Institute for Forest Ecology and Forestry Rheinland-Pfalz (FAWF), Germany. The consortium includes 21 partners across 5 European countries, of which CLUWRR is one. The main objective of ForeStClim is a transnational approach to proactive and adaptive forestry management and forest protection strategies in the face of climate change. The aims of the Newcastle University project are:

  • to develop, test and apply software to provide a capability for examining and visualizing the effects of different forest managements on runoff and water quality, for present and future climates;
  • to perform a field study of the hydrological impact of a mature coniferous plantation relative to open grassland in an upland peat catchment at two spatial scales, so as to advance understanding of the impacts of forest management and to investigate how these impacts may alter with climate change.

Academic Staff