School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

Flood Risk & Coastal Management

Flood Risk and Coastal Management

Research into flood risk and coastal management is having a major influence in the rapid shift of policy in the UK and Europe from flood defence to flood risk management.

Our national scale flood defence reliability analysis method now forms the basis of the EA's National Flood Risk Assessments. It has also been used in the OST Foresight Flooding project.

We are continuing to enhance our suite of probabilistic and process-based models of coastal cliff recession. Our SCAPE model provides the morphological engine for the Tyndall Centre's Regional Coastal Simulator. The Thames Estuary has been a focus of our modelling of coastal flooding under present and future climates.

Our work on quantified flood risk analysis is developing sampling-based reliability analysis methodologies, variance-based sensitivity analysis and imprecise probability theory.


The GLOBAL Sustainable Energy through China-UK Research Engagement (SECURE) project aims to bring together the research capabilities and expertise of staff at Newcastle University and a number of leading Chinese Universities to form an international ‘best with best’ collaboration.

This collaboration addresses the globally important challenge of achieving sustainable and clean energy. 

Find out about our project as part of GLOBAL SECURE's Theme 12 - Optimal management of water resources and flood risk for hydropower generation.

Our research team

Academic staff

  • Professor Richard Dawson
  • Professor Chris Kilsby
  • Dr Vedrana Kutija
  • Dr Qiuhua Liang
  • Professor Enda O'Connell
  • Dr Geoff Parkin
  • Dr Paul Quinn


  • Mr Vassilis Glenis
  • Dr Jingming Hou
  • Dr Greg O'Donnell

PhD students

  • Reza Amouzgar
  • Robert Bertsch
  • Samantha Mahaffey
  • Blanca Garcia Navarrete
  • Purwantis Sri Pudyastuti
  • Luke Smith
  • Kenan Toklu
  • Jingchun Wang
  • Miao Wang
  • Xilin Xia
  • Hongbin Zhang