Dr Fabio Galatioto
Senior Faculty Research Fellow - Transport Modelling and the Environment


I'm a Civil Engineer with 6 years’ experience in Consultancy and more than 8 years research experience in transport modelling and systems.  Since 2008 my research focused on modelling transport network, quantifying transport related impacts (noise, air quality and carbon emissions) and assessing sustainable transport scenarios. I have worked in multi-disciplinary research teams in various EPSRC projects: MESSAGE, 4M, ReVISIONS, SECURE, LAMPPOST and recently CIF2 in Medway and LEZ feasibility study in Newcastle. More recently I developed new modelling approaches in the road safety field simulating Red-Light Running and proneness to accident at signalised junctions and working on a new application for road accident data acquisition. Currently I am responsible for the Newcastle activities under the ITS Observatory (H2020) project.  

My main research interest are in traffic modelling (micro-meso-macro scale); transport emissions; driver behaviour; transport demand (O/D matrix); pollutant concentrations and dispersion modelling in street canyons; environmental modelling and monitoring; road safety; application of Bluetooth technologies; transport data collection and analysis. I have experience in Project Management roles within ITS technology focused research projects (typically managing teams of 2 to 3 colleagues interfacing with Local Authorities and transport consultants) and since April 2013 I am project manager of the mutlidisciplinary project SECURE.

Author and co-Author of 16 scientific journal publications and 45 conference papers.


PhD (Techniques and Economics of Transports), University of Palermo, Italy (2004-2006)
Thesis Title: The Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) as tools to managing and monitoring private and public urban mobility.

MSc (Master in Road Quality Management), University of Enna, Italy (2007-2008)
Dissertation Title: Survey and re-design of two intersections in Trapani, adjustment and implementation of safety criteria.
Master Grade: 1st Class

MErg (Master in Ergonomic Science), University of Palermo, Italy (2002-2003)
Dissertation Title: Influence of Ergonomic factor on the public Transport.
Master Grade: 1st Class

MSc (Master in Project Management), University of Palermo, Italy (2002)
Dissertation Title: Project Management of a recycling plant in Palermo.
Master Grade: 1st Class

Chartered Engineer (in Italy since 2001)

BEng+MEng (5 yrs degree in Civil Engineering – Transport), University of Palermo, Italy (1995-2001)
Undergraduate Project: Safety and security on the road works.
Degree Grade: 110/110 cum laude.

Previous Positions

Research Associate, School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Newcastle University, UK (2008-2015)
Postdoctoral Researcher fellowship, Dept of Transport Eng., Univ. of Palermo, Italy (2008)
Director of Work Assistant, SI-ITS Project, Department of Transport of Sicily Region (2007)
PhD Student, Department of Transport Engineering, Palermo University, Italy (2004-2006)
Master Student, SIN.TE.SI and School of Civil Engineering, University of Palermo, Italy (2002-2003)
Master Student, CIRPIET and School of Management Engineering, University of Palermo, Italy (2002)
Civil Engineer Consultant, Palermo (2001-2008)


Member of Air Quality and Health Interest Group (2012~)
Member of Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) Environmental Group (2011~)
Member of Local Travel Plan (LTP) Environmental Group (2009~)
Member of SIIV (Italian Society of Road Infrastructures) (2007~)
Member of CIFI (National Association of Italian Rail Engineer)(2005-2009)
Member of Universities' Transport Study Group (UTSG, 2008~)

Honours and Awards 

2015: Best paper Award, ECR Conference in Autonomic Road Transportation Systems, May 2015, Malta
2014: Faculty Research Fellowship, 3 years, SAGE Faculty, Newcastle University (£12,000);
2013: School Research Fellowship, 5 years, CeG, Newcastle University (£6,000);
2012: EPSRC SIREN - Small Items of Research Equipment at Newcastle University (£9,960);
2012: Short Visit Scientific Mission (STSM) grant, EU COST Action, ARTS (€1,800);
2010: EPSRC Impacts Award 2010 (Co-I, £20,000);
2008: Post-Doc research fellowship, University of Palermo (€5,000);
2004 – 2006: 3 years PhD fellowship – Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR, €45,000);
2005 – 2006: European Marie Curie PhD short stay studentship (€11,000);
2002: (MErg) Master of Ergonomics fellowship – S.I.N.T.E.S.I. – University of Palermo (€13,000);
1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000: 'Opera Universitaria' fellowship – University of Palermo (€1,800/year);
1995: High school diploma fellowship – Italian Rail Association – section of Palermo (€300);
1994: 'Vincenzo Buccheri' award as 4th year best student – Ins. for Surveyor – Palermo (€250);


Italian (mother tongue), English.

Informal Interests

photography, snorkelling.

Research Interests

My research focuses on Transport engineering; Traffic micro-simulation analysis (interaction between parking and traffic, illegal parking, conventional and unconventional roundabouts, toll collection systems, urban traffic control systems); Transport demand modelling; Transport network modelling and assignment (Macro-simulation); Traffic emission and pollutant dispersion modelling; Study of pollutant concentrations ad noise levels in urban areas; Road Safety and modelling applications; Bluetooth technologies application (Travel Time, pattern recognition, O-D matrix estimation); Transport data collection and statistical analysis; Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

Other Expertise

Environmental (mote, street box) and traffic (SCOOT, MIDAS, Bluetooth) sensors data analisys.

Current Projects' Involvement

ITS Observatory (H2020), SECURE and IAA KTS (EPSRC); CIF2 (Medway Council); ReFINE 

Previous Projects' Involvement

4M, LampPost, ReVISIONS and MESSAGE (EPSRC); LEZ and Stockport (DEFRA)

Student Supervision

Currently co-supervisor of 3 Master, 2 undergraduate students and 3 PhD Students

Project co-supervisor/advisor of:
1 PhD Student (2009-2011)
1 PhD Student (2009-2012)
1 PhD Student (2011-2015)
1 PhD Student (2012-on going)
2 PhD Students (2014-on going)

1 MSc student (2008-2009)
1 undergraduate and 1 MSc students (2009-2010)
3 Intern students from IIT Delhi (2009-2011)
1 undergraduate and 2 MSc students (2010-2011)
2 undergraduate and 2 MSc students (2011-2012)
2 undergraduate and 6 MSc students (2012-2013)
1 undergraduate and 4 MSc students (2013-2014)
2 undergraduate and 3 MSc students (2014-2015)

Esteem Indicators

   ·  Member of the EPSRC Peer Review College (since 2011)
   ·  Visiting Professor in Transport Modelling and Environment at University Kore of Enna (since 2013)
   ·  Chair and scientific committee member of the ARTS Early Career Researchers Conference 2015, Malta
   ·  Editorial board member: AIMS Environmental Science International Open Access Journal (2372-028X)
   ·  Scientific reviewer of the following international journals and conferences:
      -  “Transportation Research Part C” ISSN: 0968-090X;
      -  "Transportation (Springer)" ISSN: 0049-4488;
      -  “IET, Intelligent Transport Systems” ISSN: 1751-956X;
      -  “IEEE Sensors Journal” ISSN: 1530-437X;
      -  “Journal of Sensors” ISSN: 1687-725X;
      -  “Environmental Pollution” ISSN: 0269-7491;
      -  "Urban Climate" ISSN: 2212-0955;
      -  "International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management" ISSN: 0960-0035;
      -  “Information Technology & Software Engineering” ISSN: 2165-7866;
      -  IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference;
      -  ITS World Congress; ITS European Conference;
      -  SIIV (Italian Society of Road Infrastructures) Conference;

   ·  Member of the Editorial Board, COST Action TD1105: EuNetAir (since 2012);
   ·  Coordinator of the Dissemination Committee, COST Action EuNetAir (since 2012);
   ·  External reviewer in the promotion process of an Associate Professor (University of Connecticut 2012);
   ·  External member of the PhD committee at University Kore of Enna (Italy, since 2010);

Invited Session Chair:

·  22nd ITS World Congress – Special Interest Session organiser and chair, Bordeaux (2015);
·  10th ITS Europe Congress - Acceptance and Usage of EVs Session, Helsinki (Jun 2014);
·  10th ITS Europe Congress - Enforcement and safety Interactive Session (IS04), Helsinki (Jun 2014);
·  9th ITS Europe Congress - Policies & strategies for sustainable city regions Session, Dublin (Jun 2013);
·  45th UTSG Conference - Air Quality session, Oxford (Jan 2013);
·  Chair and organiser of the “Integrated Modelling Workshop”, Newcastle University (Nov 2009)
·  EURONOISE Congress - Road Traffic noise session, Edinburgh (Oct 2009).

Invited speaker:

·  Workshop "Environmental and Transportation Research and Applications", Enna University (Dec 2013);
·  WG3-4, Scientific Meeting of the EU COST Action ARTS, Dublin (June 2013);
·  1st Scientific Meeting of the EU COST Action EuAirNet, Rome (Dec 2012);
·  UNESCO workshop on "Sustainable mobility in urban centres", Trapani (Nov 2011);
·  Closing plenary session of the 43rd UTSG Conference, Milton Keynes (Jan 2011);
·  Brainstorming workshop on future sound environment, Buxton (Nov 2009);
·  CORI Seminar, University of Palermo (May 2009);
·  Networking Workshop “FARMS EU” European Science Foundation, Durham (Apr 2009).

Invited Lecturer:

·  2nd ARTS Summer School, Transport and Environmental modelling towards ARTS, Bulgaria (Sep 2014);
·  Transportation Modelling applications, Delft University of Technology (Mar 2014);
·  Transport and Environmental impacts, University of Enna (July 2012);
·  Pollution Emissions Measure and Control, University of Enna (June 2012);
·  Microsimulation modelling, University of Palermo (Apr 2011);
·  Transport Engineering and analysis systems”, University of Enna (Apr 2010);
·  Traffic simulation modelling, University of Palermo (May 2009);
·  Road works techniques, safety and applications, University of Enna (Apr 2009).


·  ARTS Early Career Researchers Conference 2015, May 2015, Malta
·  WG3 Workshop and ARTS Demonstrator, University of Enna (Jun 2014);
·  SECURE Project Advisory meeting, Newcastle (May 2014)
·  SECURE Project Stakeholders event, Newcastle (Nov 2013)
·  Scientific Workshop on Autonomic Transport Systems, University of Enna (Dec 2012);
·  Scientific ARTS Workshop, Leuven (Nov 2012);
·  Workshop on Integrated Modelling, Newcastle (Nov 2009).


EPSRC Impact Acceleration Award KTS with Amey OW plc (PI, £52k, 2014-2015)

Faculty Research Fellowship (2014-2016, £12,000)

School Research Fellowship (2013-2015, £6,000)

STSM Short Visit: Developing autonomic principles in transport models towards an ARTS demonstrator. COST ACTION TU1102 ARTS (€1,150)

COST Action: European network on new sensing technologies for air pollution control and environmental sustainability - TD1105: EuNetAir; Project Partner, Named scientific contact (2012-2016)

COST Action: Towards Autonomic Road Transport Support Systems - TU1102: ARTS; Project Partner, Scientific member (2011-2015)

STSM Short Visit: Exploring potential use and influence of autonomic systems in transport network management. COST ACTION TU1102 ARTS (€1,800)

Small items of research equipment at Newcastle University: Developing the research base in Healthcare Technologies, Sustainability and Digital Economy (SIREN - EPSRC) (£9,960)

CIF2 Project, Medway City Council (Co-I and Project Manager), 2010-2015. Total Grant: £220k

SECURE: SElf-Conserving URban Environment - Sustainable urban living – a win win between air pollution and carbon reductions (Named researcher and Project Manager, 2011-2015), Newcastle University. EPSRC-SUE3 funding. Total Consortium Grant: £2.5M

EPSRC Impacts Award 2010 (Co-I and Coordinator, £20k) Air Quality Monitoring

Royal Academy International Travel Grant (£800 - April 2010)

Contribution to attend the CUBE software 3 days training course (£500 fees - July 2010)

Contribution to attend the R-course 2 days training course (£120 fees - April 2011)

Industrial Relevance

- Transport modelling
- Transport impacts assessment
- Congestion pricing
- Traffic safety and accident analysis
- Pervasive Environmental Monitoring
- Common database and display platform
- Travel demand management

Contribution to teaching Modules

“Fundamentals of traffic modelling” (3hrs) as part of CEG8423 Transport Research Methods MSc module - School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences – Newcastle University (October 2009, Feb 2011/2012/2013/2014/2015)

"Traffic modelling and microsimulation models applications" (5hrs) as part of CEG8409 Traffic and Environment Management for Sustainability MSc module - School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences – Newcastle University (December 2010, Mar 2011/2012, Feb 2013/2014/2015)

"Traffic simulation modelling and practice" (6hrs) as part of CEG8419 Transport Modelling and Forecasting MSc module - School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences – Newcastle University (October 2012/2013/2014)

Support to CEG8417 Field Class – Transport MSc module - School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences – Newcastle University (May 2013/2014/2015)


Contribution to CPD Courses

"Insight into the model toolkit components" as part of the CPD Course on "Traffic Interventions for Environmental Management" - School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences – Newcastle University (June 2012)