Dr Kirill Palamartchouk
Researcher in GPS/GNSS Geodesy

  • Email: kirill.palamartchouk@ncl.ac.uk
  • Telephone: +44 191 208 6421
  • Fax: +44 191 208 6502
  • Address: School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
    Room G.15
    Cassie Building
    Newcastle University
    Newcastle upon Tyne
    NE1 7RU

My scientific interests include:

  • High-precision positioning, Earth rotation parameters determination, and time transfer by means of space geodetic techniques. Characterisation of the errors in space geodesy. Ways of improving accuracy, precision, reliability, and availability of GNSS measurements
  • Geophysical applications of high-precision satellite geodesy, including Tectonics, Earthquakes, Volcano deformation, Tides, Surface Loading, Glacial Isostatic Adjustment, Glacier motion, GNSS Meteorology, Ionosphere monitoring
  • Deep analysis of geophysical time series (non-Gaussian statistics, time-correlated timeseries, PCA, (M)SSA, ICA, detection of abrupt changes in multivariate time series, . . .)
  • Influence of ionospheric and geomagnetic activity on the quality of satellite geodetic measurements
  • Use of GNSS for monitoring offshore structures stability

I have been involved in development and delivery of Continuing Professional Development courses:

  • GNSS and network RTK
  • Enhancing Ordnance Survey's RTK data collection capability
  • Least Squares adjustment for offshore survey
  • High precision GNSS using Post-Processing

For more information on these and other courses visit the "Courses and Consultancy in Geomatics" page.

I co-delivered undergraduate modules CEG2710 "GNSS Theory and Practice" (spring of 2014, 2015, 2016), CEG2703 "Observation Processing and Analysis" (autumn 2014, 2015), and CEG3707 "Geohazards and deformation" (spring 2015). I also supervise final year students' projects.

I am also a certified Software Carpentry instructor. If you would like me to help you organise a course, please contact me.