Research Degrees

Environmental engineering

The PhD projects below represent the most scientifically pressing and topical areas of our research and although not currently funded are the most likely to attract funding. If you have your own specific project in mind that clearly aligns with our research interests you may wish you contact relevant members of staff directly to discuss possible supervisory support.

To view the full list of NERC IAPETUS projects at Newcastle University visit the IAPETUS website.

CI-506 Reducing siloxanes in the biogas of anaerobic digesters by two-stage multi-thermal digestion

CI-507 Renewable Energy – Optimising methane production from the co-digestion of municipal waste and macroalgae (seaweed)

CI-631 Spatial and environmental analysis of supply chains

CI-632 Investigation of uncertainty in environmental emissions data by tracking pharmaceuticals from drain to usage

CI-633 A dispersion model for groundwater pollution originating from pit latrines

CI-634 Biochar use in urban stormwater biofiltration

CI-635 Sorting out the mess: How do soil microbial communities degrade complex organic pollutant mixtures?

CI-636 Examining the role of microorganisms containing cytochrome P450 in the biotransformation of micropollutants

CI-705 Low-energy biological waste treatment technologies for reducing multi-resistance genes and bacteria in domestic wastes

CI-732 Degradation of chlorinated contaminants by Fe(II)-reduced clay minerals