Research Degrees


The PhD projects below represent the most scientifically pressing and topical areas of our research and although not currently funded are the most likely to attract funding. If you have your own specific project in mind that clearly aligns with our research interests you may wish you contact relevant members of staff directly to discuss possible supervisory support.

To view the full list of NERC IAPETUS projects at Newcastle University visit the IAPETUS website.

CI-453 The role of VGI in developing countries for improved mapping of infrastructure

CI-454 Landscape characterisation using very high resolution LiDAR data

CI-487 Assessing the potential of high resolution geospatial data for enhancing hydraulic flow models

CI-510 Hierarchical agent-based spatial modelling of cities for long-term assessment of climate change impacts and adaptation options

CI-511 Precise, long-baseline, single-epoch GNSS positioning for remote structural and geohazard monitoring: improved capability with Galileo signals

CI-520 Integrating multi-source elevation data for enhanced characterisation of glacial change in the Antarctic Peninsula

CI-522 Segmentation and classification of urban features from waveform laser scanning

CI-525 Use of GPS, GLONASS and Galileo satellite systems for geophysical monitoring

CI-637 Sensor integration for improved navigation and georeferencing of UAV photogrammetric platforms
CI-638 Geo-visualisation of ‘smart cities’ models
CI-639 Monitoring crop health from unmanned aerial vehicles

CI-640 Low-cost thermal imaging for 3D modelling of building heat loss and energy efficiency

CI-641 Knowledge-based feature extraction from mobile laser scanning data for city modelling

CI-691 Radar Interferometry for monitoring natural and anthropogenic hazards