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Post Graduate Training Mission Statement
Our mission is to foster, promote and conduct research of international quality in Civil Engineering and Geosciences. We aim to attract high quality graduates and researchers and train them to international standard.

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By pursuing a PhD programme in the School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences you will join an extremely successful research School, working with academics who are leaders in their field. We have adopted the philosophy of Earth Systems Science, Engineering and Management (ESSEM) to encompass the range of research activities pursued in the school. A key aim of our Post graduate training strategy is the integration of a student’s research activities within this ESSEM framework. To this end we provide a wide range of academic input to PGR supervision, training and monitoring (see PhD training provision and ethos).

Our ESSEM training objective is facilitated by being the largest and best equipped group of its type in the UK which commands a unique position both to tackle the fundamental science related to global change and to confront the challenges this presents to our society and its supporting infrastructure.
The specific benefits of undertaking a PhD within CeG are:

  • Training as part of the largest cohort of interacting and supportive research students in the University facilitating timely progress and completion of your studies
  • Location in purpose built PGR study suites close to labs, equipment and excellent technical support relevant to your disciplinary and interdisciplinary research area
  • Access to a broad knowledge and network base (research associates and academics) from across our ESSEM research portfolio
  • Access to a broad range of technical and generic transferrable skills from advanced taught courses and career development workshops. The availability of masters level modules spanning a wide range of disciplines taught in one or two week blocks is a unique CEGS feature ideal for such PGR training

We study engineered and natural systems from landscape to molecular scales with PhD projects available in six distinct but increasingly cross-cut research areas. Follow the following links for current research group projects:

If you are interested in one or more of our areas of expertise, or want to find out more about our many PhD opportunities, please contact us. We recommend matching your own research interests with the particular interests of members of staff to identify a potential supervisor and additional project options.

Find out more about our PhD training provision and ethos in CeG.