Research Degrees


The PhD projects below represent the most scientifically pressing and topical areas of our research and although not currently funded are the most likely to attract funding. If you have your own specific project in mind that clearly aligns with our research interests you may wish you contact relevant members of staff directly to discuss possible supervisory support.

To view the full list of NERC IAPETUS projects at Newcastle University visit the IAPETUS website.

CI-447 Air pollution in restricted air circulation areas (street canyons, multi storey car parks)

CI-546 Emission and dispersion of particle pollution from motor vehicles

CI-547 Urban road traffic and its impacts on biogenic volatile organic compound emissions

CI-548 Decision support platform for managing networks through integration and processing of traffic and environment data

CI-573 Use of microsimulation for effective design of junctions and traffic networks to deliver safety and environment targets
CI-574 Cyclists and walkers exposure to air pollution un urban environment
CI-575 In-vehicle exposure of drivers and passengers to air pollution in quiet, busy and congesterd street
CI-614 Safety of vulnerable road users
CI-659 Application of the concepts of Autonomic Control to create decision support system for Traffic Management
CI-660 Enhancing accessibility of ITS to benefit all transport users
CI-661 Forward visibility and drivers’ choice of speed
CI-662 Investigating the impacts of cessation of driving
CI-663 Intelligent Speed Adaption for Older Drivers
CI-664 Investigating the potential to integrate Cooperative Vehicle Technology with the Tyne and Wear UTMC (Urban Traffic Management and Control Centre)
CI-665 Investigating the impact of a National Network of Rapid EV Rechargers has on the future business case for EV ownership
CI-666 Investigating the implications for the electricity supply network of the large-scale uptake of electric vehicles
CI-667 Designing a Satellite Navigation System for Older Drivers
CI-668 Investigating the potential for Highly Automated Driving
CI-669 Enhancing the performance of environmental noise models with general purpose computing and in-situ acoustic sensing
CI-670 Ultrafine particle pollution  in urban environment
CI-671 Automatic Road Network Creation for Agent and Cellular Automata Based Modelling
CI-672 Exploring the significance of social media during public transport disruptions and closures
CI-673 Delivering sustainable mobility targets: Policy investigation based on which individuals are more likely to switch from private to greener transport options with respect to their commuting journeys3
CI-674 Investigating attitudes towards public transport services in the UK
CI-675 In-depth study in to Traffic Incident Management in Arabian cities; Linking Hazard Based Duration Models in generation decision support system
CI-676 Public acceptance, attitudes and perceptions in relation to total or partial removal of driver control of automated vehicles
CI-677 Development of Modelling Tools for Road Traffic Accident Prediction
CI-678 Assessment and Decomposition of Emissions from Public Transport Operations
CI-679 Investigating environmental implication of road works using microscale and life cycle assessment approach
CI-680 Development of Modelling Tools for Road Traffic Accident Prediction
CI-681 Transport disruption from flooding