Short Courses (CPD)

"I can now deal with microbiologically mediated processes with the same confidence as I do with purely physical and chemical processes."

Introduction to Environmental Microbiology

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Pickering flood defences hailed as ideal model

A North Yorkshire town which avoided flooding despite not having traditional flood defences has been hailed as an example to ... [more]

Short Courses

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Taught by leading research active academics and guest presenters from leading engineering companies and government agencies, our courses offer up to date and industrially relevant curricula in short, intensive programmes. Many of our courses address serious skills shortages. We offer training in:

We understand the pressure on industry and so have designed courses that involve typically one to five days away from the work place. Courses can be delivered in house, and we have the expertise and flexibility to develop new, tailored courses, responding to our clients' needs

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