Courses in GIS (ArcGIS)

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Courses in GIS (ArcGIS)

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Courses in GIS (ArcGIS)

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Geographic Information Systems have become key in most corporate scenarios; 80% of all data now has a spatial element. Reap potential rewards in your business by learning about the power of GIS. These courses enable delegates to develop GIS skills in ESRI ArcGIS, the market leading GIS package.

Introduction to GIS using ArcGIS

This action packed two day course is structured to maximise your knowledge of GIS. Starting at the very basics, you will be taken through the key elements of a GIS and leave with the ability to independently tackle real world spatial problems within your corporate environment.

  • Introduction to the key concepts of a GIS
  • How add and style data
  • How to create and edit new datasets
  • How to interrogate and perform basic spatial analysis
  • How to produce comprehensive print layouts and create corporate print templates
Who is the course aimed at?

For those who have little or no experience or knowledge of Geographic Information Systems, who are looking for an accessible introduction to computer mapping which covers the main aspects of GIS. This intensive, fast paced course will run through all the basics of a GIS system.

Intermediate GIS using ArcGIS

You know the basics of GIS, but there is so much more functionality which could enhance your work and make it more efficient. This course will provide you with the additional knowledge to be able to use many of the extensions available within a GIS and provide you with the skills to use some of the more advanced features of GIS software.

  • How to answer questions and make decisions using spatial data
  • How to create and edit geodatabases
  • How to create and maintain metadata
  • Raster and vector image registration
  • Using 3D data for visualisation
  • Learn advanced editing techniques
  • Learn about different coordinate systems
Who is the course aimed at?

For those who have had some experience with GIS but would like to expand their skills to the more advanced and specialist features.

Who is the course aimed at?

For those who would like to analyse data and provide quantitative results. This course would suit those who have completed an intermediate GIS course.

Course Outline

Registration takes place from 0900, with the courses starting at 0930 prompt. The courses finish at 1630.

Introduction to GIS using ArcGIS
  1. ArcMap
  2. Visualising Data
  3. Selecting and Querying Data
  4. Spatial Data Management
  5. Creating Geometry
  6. Tabular Data and Joins
  7. Layouts
  8. Spatial Analysis 2
  9. Linking to other software
Intermediate GIS using ArcGIS
  1. What goes where?
  2. Common issues
  3. Geodatabases
  4. Coordinate systems
  5. Queries
  6. Generalisation
  7. Spatial Analyst
  8. Classification
  9. Advanced Editing
  10. Geoprocessing
  11. 3D Data
  12. Advanced Visualisation
  13. Image and Vector Registration
  14. VBA Scripting

Discounts are available for block bookings of more than five people; please contact the Professional Development Unit for more details.

Update to course content

Please note that our courses are reviewed regularly, both in response to feedback and so that information about recent research and developments can be included. Thus, content may be subject to change.


Industry Professionals
  • Introduction to GIS using ArcGIS:
    Miss Laura Hanson
  • Intermediate GIS using ArcGIS:
    Miss Laura Hanson

ArcGIS Software Requirements

ESRI ArcGIS software is used in these courses. There are a number of options for attendees to access this software. If you are a student or staff member at a UK University, you may attend the courses using Newcastle University's computers and software. All other delegates should ensure that they meet the necessary licensing requirements:


  • Introduction to GIS using ArcGIS
    • £620
    • Staff and students at UK Universities - discounted fee: £420
  • Intermediate GIS using ArcGIS
    • £620
    • Staff and students at UK Universities - discounted fee: £420

Book on both of the two-day courses at a discounted price of £1050.

The course fee includes tuition, course materials, lunch and refreshments.

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