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Short Courses (CPD)

Short Courses (CPD)

About the Course

Ground Improvement Techniques

  • Monday 27 November - Friday 1 December 2017: Date not confirmed

The course introduces you to the concepts underpinning a range of ground improvement techniques, and an appreciation of how these techniques are applied in practice.

By the time you've finished the course, you'll have the ability to identify appropriate techniques for a range of ground and site conditions.

You'll be introduced to a range of ground improvement techniques; the principles behind how the techniques 'work', for which soils they are appropriate, and how they are installed or constructed. You'll also be introduced to the principles of design, where relevant.

Who is the course aimed at?

The course is aimed at anyone wishing to gain a broad introduction to Ground Improvement who have some knowledge/experience of ground engineering. It is not aimed at specialists or those wishing to gain an in-depth knowledge of one particular technique.

Objectives and Outline

Ground Improvement Techniques

Course Objectives

You'll have a better understanding of the concepts behind a range of Ground Improvement Techniques, and be able to identify appropriate techniques for a range of ground and site conditions.

Course Outline

  • Mechanical methods: compaction, explosives, vibroflotation, vibroreplacement;
  • Hydraulic methods: groundwater lowering, preloading, electro-osmosis
  • Physical/chemical methods: admixtures, grouting, freezing
  • Inclusions: geosynthetics, reinforcements.
  • Monday 27 November - Friday 1 December 2017: Date not confirmed

Further Information

Ground Improvement Techniques


Course content

To attend the course, you should have knowledge/experience equivalent to the content of the following Modules:

Prerequisite knowledge

To attend the course, you should have a reasonable level of knowledge of the following topics:

  • Suitable undergraduate degree qualification in an engineering, geosciences or geotechnical field

Please contact the Professional Development Unit if you require further information.

Academic Module Outline

This course is also delivered as a Module (code CEG8204) on at least one of the School's Masters programmes, the majority of which can be studied part time, making them suitable for those in employment. You will attend with full and part time registered students. The Academic Module Outline is available via the University's Module Catalogue.


Ground Improvement Techniques


School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences


Ground Improvement Techniques


  • Ground Improvement Techniques
    • £1275

We offer a 30 percent discount to full time students and to Newcastle University staff.

The course fee includes tuition, course materials, lunch and refreshments.

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