Network Analysis using GIS

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Network Analysis using GIS

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The representation and analysis of both infrastructure (gas, electrical, water) and transport networks (road, rail, bus) in GIS requires specific data models and analysis methods. This course will introduce the concepts that underpin network analysis in modern GIS, along with their application to real world network problems. Participants will learn how to construct full network models from standard spatial datasets and become familiar with the tools required to check and ensure their integrity. Network analysis procedures will be presented and applied to real world networks, e.g. finding the shortest optimal route between locations.

Course Outline

  • Understand the concepts of networks and network datasets
  • Learn how to create network datasets and define their properties
  • Find out how to perform network analysis
  • Appreciate how network analysis can be used to solve real world problems such as routing, shortest path and shortest time

Update to course content

Please note that our courses are reviewed regularly, both in response to feedback and so that information about recent research and developments can be included. Thus, content may be subject to change.

Who is the course aimed at?

For those involved in creating and analysing networks of any kind. An intermediate level of GIS experience is required.


School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences

ArcGIS Software Requirements

ESRI ArcGIS software is used in this course. There are a number of options for attendees to access this software. If you are a student or staff member at a UK University, you may attend the courses using Newcastle University's computers and software. All other delegates should ensure that they meet the necessary licensing requirements:


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