Research Programme

The focus of activity has been around the development a new generation of integrated methods for analysis and decision making for complex coupled technological, human and natural systems under conditions of long term change and often severe uncertainty.  The research is structured around a number of themes that form an iterative learning loop:

The ‘Hazard & Environmental change’ theme provides quantified evidence of hazards (typically environmental, but recent work has seen consideration of manmade hazards) and the drivers of long term change.  These are combined with multi-scale monitoring activities (from crowd-sourcing, full scale infrastructure, through to satellite data) in the ‘Observation & Monitoring’ theme.  ‘Informatics’ activities focus on the management and structuring of the large and complex spatial datasets, or modelling of specific processes such as flooding, from these first two themes and provides a platform for our coupled human-natural-engineered ‘Systems modelling’ activities.  Evidence from these themes is communicated through ‘Decision-support’ tools that seek to disentangle multiple sources of information and its uncertainties to present decision-relevant information to end-users.  This subsequently forms a platform for ‘Impact and Engagement’ with stakeholders, which have included outputs such as the UK Climate Programme (UKCP09) weather generator; the National Flood Risk Assessment for England and Wales; the Urban Integrated Assessment Facility and its application to London; and the Eden Demonstration Test Catchment.  Through this continuous interaction with our stakeholders and the wider public we inform and update our research programme.

At the centre of these activities sit the ‘Integrated Demonstrations’ of Infrastructure systems, Catchments and Cities.  These represent the culmination of the research, interacting continuously with the other themes, so testing and demonstration can stimulate new ideas and approaches.

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