COST Action TU0902

‌‌‌The COST Action network TU0902 ran from May 2009 to March 2014 and was Chaired by CESER Director Richard Dawson with the aim of bringing together researchers and practitioners from across Europe interested in applying integrated assessment approaches to deliver urban sustainability.

The core output of the COST Action TU0902 network is a book titled:

Understanding Cities: Advances in integrated assessment of urban sustainability PDF 2,924Kb

Dawson RJ, Wyckmans A, Heidrich O, Köhler J, Dobson S and Feliu E (2014) Understanding Cities: Advances in integrated assessment of urban sustainability, Final Report of COST Action TU0902, Centre for Earth Systems Engineering Research (CESER), Newcastle, UK. ISBN 978-0-9928437-0-0.


Key message summaries (forthcoming):

  • For EU policy makers

  • For planners, engineers and other practitioners interested in delivering more sustainable cities

  • For researchers


Journal Articles produced as a result of the Action (these are usually links to the publisher's homepage)

Assessment of the climate preparedness of 30 urban areas in the UK Climate change response in Europe: what’s the reality? Analysis of adaptation and mitigation plans from 200 urban areas in 11 countries Urban regeneration as driver of adaptive capacity of cities:  Comparative analysis of Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and British approaches by Central Governments
Potential pitfalls on the transition to more sustainable cities and how they might be avoided Experiences of integrated assessment of climate impacts, adaptation and mitigation modelling in London and Durban Mitigating and adapting to climate change: multi-functional and multi-scale assessment of green urban infrastructures


Non-journal articles

Multidisciplinary perspectives on Urban Resilience is a book that has been co-edited by Marta Olazabal, one of the COST Action's early stage researchers.

Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods (SUN 2012) was a successful conference co-organised by COST vice-chair Annemie Wyckmans.

Earth Systems Engineering 2012 (ESE 2012) was a successful conference organised by COST chair and CESER director Richard Dawson.

Identifying social determinants of urban low carbon transitions: the case of energy transition in Bilbao, Basque Country

Implications of governance structures in urban climate action: evidence from Italy and Spain.


Understanding Potential Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Options in Indian Megacities Assessment of Climate Change-Induced Vulnerability to Floods in Hyderabad, India, Using Remote Sensing Data
How prepared are UK cities for addressing climate change adaptation and mitigation?
UGEC Viewpoints Issue 10
How Italian and Spanish Cities are tackling climate change? A local comparative study. The Action of the State in the field of urban regeneration in Spain during the period 2004-2011. A story to be continued Development of the Community Initiatives URBAN and URBAN II in the deprived peripheral areas of the Spanish Towns.  A contribution to the urban regeneration practice in Spain.
Tools for urban regeneration developed by the Central Government in Spain from the perspective of local community participation. Local Strategies for Climate Change Adaptation: Urban Planning Criteria for Municipalities of the Basque Country, Spain. Climate Change Adaptation Plan of Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain  


 Additional material

 Case studies from the analysis of integrated assessment methods undertaken by Working Group 1


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