Here you can find a selection of key reports.  Academic papers and software outputs can be located using the sidebar menu.

Engineering Cities: Tyndall Centre PDF 2,516Kb

This report introduces the Tyndall Centre Urban Integrated Assessment Facility and a case study on London.

Building Knowledge for Climate Change (BKCC) ZIP 4,655Kb

Collaborative research to understand and adapt to the impacts of climate change on infrastructure, the built environment and utilities.

ITRC - Fast Track Analysis (FTA) PDF 3,707Kb

CESER are key partners in the Infrastructure Transitions Research Consortium. Click here to visit the Fast Track Analysis website.

SUSMAQ - Water Resources in the West Bank PDF 619Kb

Professor Enda O'Connell and Dr. Geoff Parkin led Newcastle's involvement in the SUSMAQ project which developed the first published hydrogeological map of Palestine, spatial databases related to aquifer use and protection, groundwater flow and pollution models etc.

CityCAT urban flood model - Cloud project report PDF 1,227Kb

CityCAT is an urban flood modelling, analysis and visualisation tool which uses very accurate and computationally efficient solutions for free surface flow equations. In this pilot project a Cloud Computing compatible version of CityCAT was developed, this enabled modelling of flooding of larger domains (up to 1,100km2) with much higher resolution (up to 16,000,000 computational cells) than has been done previously. This project has demonstrated that the use of Cloud Computing can enable efficient and detailed modelling of flooding at a city or even regional scale, with high resolution, using standard terrain and rainfall data and Cloud enabled software which does not impose limitations on the computational domain size.