Internationalizing the University (2008)

Author(s): Turner Y, Robson S

    Abstract: Globalization is changing the face of Higher Education across the world. Academics and students today are increasingly internationally mobile and, as such, an unprecedented number of international exchanges and cross-border education projects are being developed. The implications for individual universities are significant: international students can bring much-needed revenue to boost university coffers and stimulate university classrooms but they also have high expectations and demands. This book discusses the implications for those involved in managing the organizational processes and those designing programmes and supporting the student experience. A key concern in the text is that of reciprocal internationalization - the importance for universitites to develop within an internationally-integrated environment rather than as national universities which accommodate the needs of people from other countries into their existing practices. The emphasis throughout the discussion is therefore on the development of intercultural competences for university staff supported by sustainable international management practices.

      • Series Title: Continuum Studies in Education
      • Number of Pages: 183
      • Publisher: Continuum
      • Publication type: Authored book
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Keywords: internationalization - challenges - curriculum - teaching - assessment - strategic management