The Impact of Training in Thinking for Learning (2004)

Author(s): Jones H

    Abstract: This resport gives an overview of the results of a questionnaire-based study on the views of 87 teachers in Northumberland regarding the training in, and use of Thinking for Learning, as well as their views on challenges and benefits of teaching thinking, differentiated for teachers at First Schools, Middle School, High Schools and Special Schools. Thinking for Learning is the term used in Northumberland LEA to encompass a range of Thinking Skills strategies and philosophy for Children. Findings of the research included a very high percentage of teachers valuing the imprtance of metacognition, an average reported use of thinking skills strategies of 22 times per term, a perceived moderate relation to results in standardised tests, and a high perceived impact of the use of Thinking for Learning on pupil motivation.

      • Date: July 2004
      • Series Title: The Impact of Thinking for Learning in Northumberland LEA
      • Pages: 11-80
      • Institution: Northumberland County Council
      • Publication type: Report
      • Bibliographic status: Published

      Keywords: Thinking Skills, training, questionnaire, teachers' responses, Strategies, Philosphy for Children