Shine/ Ming-Chin HSIN

Course: IPhD in Education

Supervisor(s): Sue Pattison

Year of study: 4


Title: The Peer influences on Taiwanese adolescents’ romantic relationships

Abstract: The research is to investigate the adolescence’s peer discussion and its influences on romantic relationships. As Taiwan is facing an increasing rate of teen pregnancy and young people’s mental and health issues, adolescents’ sexual and romantic relationships have been drawing attentions for promoting appropriate education. Based on development theories, adolescences are changing their social network into peers and they start to have interests in the opposite sex. This study structured a hypothesis that there is a peer influence on Taiwanese adolescents’ romantic relationship. It aimed to understand how young people are influenced from peers regarding to romantic relationship with respect to development theories.

Adolescence has been recognized as a developing stage in psychosexual, psychosocial, and cognitive areas. Young people are searching their identity and setting a place in social environment. Friends’ opinions about relationships and sexuality address influences on adolescents.

This study applied both qualitative and quantitative research methods for data collection. First, focus groups with adolescents and semi-structured interviewed with school counsellors and teachers are to provide qualitative data. A thematic approach from grounded theory has been applied in data analysis to categorize the themes. Second, a questionnaire was applied by adopting the themes generated from the qualitative results. The questionnaire is to discover how young people view peer influences and how the influences affect them. The results will explain the influences Taiwanese young people have form their peers.

Analyses about young people’s opinions and school teachers’ observation are to be discussed with respects to literatures and theories. Recommendations will be made for educational authorities, school staff, and young people.