Centre for Health and Bioinformatics

Centre for Health and Bioinformatics

A Cross-faculty Research Centre

Bringing together researchers in bioinformatics and health informatics.

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The Centre of Health and Bioinformatics (CHaBi) brings together researchers with an interest in bioinformatics and health informatics. It also facilitates researchers with a need to apply these areas in their own research programmes.

Our vision is to realise the potential for knowledge and understanding derived from big data sets generated from new technologies. These technologies include next generation sequencing (NGS) and imaging at the cellular and whole organism level.

The Research Centre’s expertise and network is key to analysing these large and complex data sets, generating hypotheses, developing novel informatics techniques and deriving new knowledge. 

Along with our ongoing health informatics and bioinformatics projects we are exploiting further our internationally competitive bio and health based research to address key national and global concerns in ageing populations and the quality of life for those with rare diseases.