Campus for Ageing & Vitality

Campus for Ageing & VitalityWorking closely with Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and within the auspices of Newcastle Science City, thedriving force behind a vision for a unique Campus for Ageing and Vitality has been the Institute for Ageing and Health.

This brings together University, health care, volunteer sector and business activities to work together to generate innovation in products and services for the support of healthy ageing and independence through-life. Such a campus will be a world leader and provide quality jobs, economic growth and improved quality of life for older people in the city and wider region.

The campus consists broadly of four quarters:

  1. Academic Quarter - mainly occupied by Newcastle University and the IAH
  2. Healthcare Quarter - mainly occupied by the Hospitals Trust but including other NHS activity from the Clinical Commissioning Groups and Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Trust
  3. Business and Engagement Quarter
  4. Retail Quarter - proposals being developed