Social Inclusion in the Digital Economy (SiDE)

SiDE logoSiDE is an interdisciplinary research project aimed at realising the potential for digital technologies to transform the lives of people who are socially excluded.

Currently, the potential benefits of the Digital Economy are not being realised by all members of society and it is recognised that digital exclusion mirrors many aspects of more general social exclusion. That is, not just poverty, but the "mutually reinforcing" consequences of citizens enduring unemployment, discrimination, poor housing, crime, bad heath and family breakdown.

SiDE is focussing on four activities where digital technologies can deliver major social benefits: Connected Home & Community, Accessibility, Inclusive Transport, and the Creative Industries. As an interdisciplinary approach is essential for the work to have a real impact, these activities are being investigated from the research perspectives of technology, society, business and the user.

The research is highly user-driven, drawing on a carefully profiled pool of 3000 individuals to help formulate our research strategy and evaluate its results. While recognising the different needs and concerns of these users, our methodologies seek to bring out commonalities through genuinely interactive and iterative approaches that engage all users from the very start.

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