Useful Chemistry Links

This page provides links to places where you can get useful information from the Web. It will be updated and improved as time permits.

Newcastle University Links

The Business Development Directorate home page is an entry point for useful information about applying for external research grants. For those preparing grant applications, full up-to-date costings for staff (RA's and technical staff) can be found by using the pFACT system.

Research Councils

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council homepage is a very useful source of reference. You can find grant application forms, referee report forms, as well as their complete studentship handbook on-line.Links to the other Research Council home pages are provided, specifically the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council.

European Union

To get information about the European Union, try the EU web site. For more specific information about the TMR (Training and Mobility of Researchers) programme, look at TMR Home Page. Information on the Seventh framework programme is available. Further informationcan be found at CORDIS Home Page.

Information about Chemical Databases

The ISI database is now available through the University Library site. You will require your campus id and password to access this service. Information about all the databases at Daresbury are available from CDS Home Page.

Industrial links: Chemicals Technology

Chemical Society Homepages

Just for completeness, you could look at the RSC home page, the European Chemical Society home page and the ACSWeb from The American Chemical Society. The publications home page is worth looking at.

Those who want to know more about nomenclature, should try the IUPAC Home Page.

General Chemistry Links

The Sheffield ChemDex page and the "Links for Chemists" site at Liverpool are excellent places to find information about chemists and chemistry. They provide links to universities, companies and software as well as more specialised chemical topics. Another useful internet resource for chemists is A collection of chemistry software links is also available at Sites which advertise jobs and studentship vacancies include:, New Scientist and the European Chemical Society.