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Chemistry PG Research Day

Postgraduate students are central to research within the School of Chemistry. Their work was the focus of the Postgraduate Research Day on Friday 26th May.

The day included 19 presentations given by stage 3 students on topics spanning from the design of light-harvesting antennae to the isolation of bioactive compounds. Stage 2 students presented 28 posters ensuring an enlightening day that encompassed the full breadth of research across the School.

Director of Postgraduate Studies in Chemistry, Dr Nick Walker, commented;

“This annual event provides a great opportunity for our students to showcase the work they are undertaking here in the School. The calibre of the posters and presentations throughout the day was very impressive. I would like to congratulate everyone who took part. We are very proud of our students and the research they are conducting. The PG Research Day allows us to celebrate the achievements of our students while also giving them the opportunity to develop presentation skills.”

The generous support of the Wynne-Jones endowment allowed the School to offer prizes for the best poster, talk and thesis presentations by students. A full list of prize winners is shown below. 

List of Prize Winners:


1st Prize: Alexia Papaioannou – Design and Synthesis of Allosteric Inhibitors of Cell Cycle Proteins as Potential Cancer Therapeutics

2nd Prize: Patrick Higgs – Towards the ‘Shrink-Wrapping’ of Virus-Like Particles

3rd Prize: Tom Backhouse – Efficient Multifunctional Catalysts for Sustainable Green Energy Technology


1st Prize:         

Fiona Black – Probing Mechanistic Pathways within Dye-Sensitised Solar Cells

Andrew Tyler – Structural Reassignment and Synthetic Studies towards Madurastatin C1

2nd Prize:

Yvonne Choo – The Discovery of Molecular Jellyfish and its Polymerisation

Atsinate Oshido – Gas Sensing Using One Dimensional (1D) DNA Templated Cadmium Sulphide Nanowire

3rd Prize:

Joshua Karlsson – Intercomponent Exciton Delocalization in a Bisentacene Derivative

Glenn Lamming – Beyond Graphene: Building-block Approach to 2D Materials


1st Prize: Patrycja Stachelek - Photophysics of Multicomponent Molecules under Dynamic Control

2nd Prize: Colette Whitfield - Enzymatic protocols for the synthesis of Designer DNA

3rd Prize: Dror Bittner - The Geometries and Interactions of Ammonia and Trimethyloamine MX (MX = CuF, CuCI. CuI, AgI) and SF6 Investigated by Microwave Spectroscopy

Prize Winners of the PG Research Day

published on: 30 May 2017