RSC Radiochemistry Group Young Researcher Award

Michael Charlton receiving his award.Michael Charlton, a second year PhD student at Newcastle University, won the Royal Society of Chemistry Radiochemistry Group Young Researcher Award for 2012 given his presentation entitled Synthesis of 4-(18F)Fluorobenzaldehyde using Diaryliodonium Salt Precursors in a Microreactor.

He thus received a cheque for £150 and the honour of having his name added to those of previous recipients on the coveted trophy, a bust of Marie Curie, which will remain in his possession until the next meeting in 2013/2014. The winner also received funding from the RSC-RCG to present this research at an international scientific conference. Michael presented his research in PET radiopharmaceutical development to dozens of fellow radiochemists at the RSC-RCG conference, held at Birchwood, Cheshire, on the 27–28th March 2012. His presentation, which was judged against other researchers’ work, was carried out under the supervision of Dr Michael Carroll, who is a past winner of the RSC award, and as part of a multi-disciplinary team involved in medical imaging applications in the context of drug discovery and development.

The aim of the RSC Radiochemistry group is to promote, educate, practice and collaborate in the chemistry of radioisotopes. The RSC-RCG conference aims to aid young researchers in the field of radiochemistry by enabling them to present their research to peers from both academia and industry.

published on: 19th April 2012