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Undergraduate Alumnus, Dr John Jolliffe, returns to Newcastle to share his research experiences with students


A former Newcastle undergraduate (MChem) student, Dr John Jolliffe, visited the School of Chemistry to meet our undergraduate and postgraduate students to talk about the research he has recently completed as a doctoral student at the University of Oxford.  

John graduated from Newcastle University with a 1st class MChem degree in 2013, before joining the research group of Prof. Martin D. Smith as a PhD student at the University of Oxford.

On the 8th of March 2017 John visited Newcastle University to talk about his PhD research, which was recently published in Nature Chemistry, and to give his insights on pursuing a research career to current students.

Dr Michael Hall, John’s former MChem supervisor, said: “It was great to be able to invite John, who had worked with me on his MChem project, back to visit Newcastle as a guest speaker. The research he has undertaken with Professor Smith involves the first example of the synthesis of atropisomeric biaryls by a cation-directed O-alkylation reaction. This work is a totally new approach to make chiral BINOL derivatives, important molecules which are key components of catalysts used by industry and vital building blocks for medicines.”

John Jolliffe speaking after the event said: “It was truly a great pleasure to present my PhD work at Newcastle University, where I carried out my undergraduate studies. It was an uncanny, yet highly enjoyable experience being on the other side of a lecture theatre that I was taught in not too long ago. In the days following the talk, I spoke to a number of members of staff and I would like to thank them for highly academically stimulating discussions.”


John Joliffe talk
Dr John Joliffe presenting

published on: 13 April 2017