Study Abroad

Student Profile“The best thing about Newcastle is its location. I love the North East.”

Judith Chemistry with study Abroad MChem Honours MChem

In addition to fully studying in the UK, with or without industrial placement, the Chemistry School also offers the opportunity to spend a year overseas in Europe or North America. For students who would welcome the opportunity to gain experience in studying abroad and to understand how different cultures view chemistry, this course is ideal.

Should your ultimate career plans be in the direction of working for an international company where knowledge of local customs and cultures and where appropriate knowledge of a second language are considered advantageous, then this tailor-made course could be of interest to you. All our partner institutions are carefully chosen and visited on a regular basis to ensure that the high standard of education that you will receive at Newcastle is maintained whilst studying overseas. It's an opportunity worth considering.

Your year abroad will consist of:

  • your own research project — spent at a prestigious university and research group abroad.
  • two assessed modules — taught by most modern teaching methods (distance learning, ReCap lectures) delivered by Newcastle University.

Eurobarometer on graduate employability: Employers value teamwork, adaptability, communication and language skills

A Europe-wide survey among employers shows that, when it comes to graduate recruitment, 'soft' skills are just as valued as sector-specific and computer skills. Significant numbers of employers questioned said that the ability to work well in a team (98%), to adapt to new situations (97%), communication skills (96%), and knowledge of foreign languages (67%) were important when recruiting for their companies. Almost 50% of companies with considerable international business identified knowledge of foreign languages as the most important skill for the future.

This is great news for Erasmus students who acquire these very skills. Read the EU press release and download the full report here.