Study in Europe

No other continent in the world offers a density of different languages, cultures and world leading research Institutes than Europe. Why not take advantage of being part of the European Union and its unique opportunities and spend up to one year in one of Europe’s best Universities?

Unfortunately, a university degree alone will not always be enough if you are to be the best candidate during the job application process for positions in industry and academia.

Additional skills such as (i) proven ability to adapt to a new environment/situation, (ii) team spirit, (iii) tolerance versus other cultural backgrounds and last but not least (iv) fluency in other languages are absolute trump cards in the portfolio of young applicants.

One year in another European country will add all these skills to a highly regarded Masters degree in Chemistry. These are the major benefits to study abroad:

  • to become truly bi/multi-lingual (scientifically and socially)
  • to add more soft-skills to your CV
  • to increase your knowledge about different cultures
  • to broaden your horizon in Science
  • to show proven flexibility

We want to make your year abroad an experience of a lifetime, and set you apart from other graduates when applying for positions in an ever challenging job market. Therefore, Newcastle Chemistry offers a start-up package with personal and organisational help.

  • Pastoral vists — an Academic Member of Staff from Newcastle will visit you whilst you are abroad.
  • Contact — we will stay in active contact with you to check that everything is running smoothly.
  • Insurance — the University will organise insurance cover for your year abroad.
  • Start-up guide — before you leave we will give you an induction to prepare you for your visit, with essential information about the place and region to make your arrival and stay as easy as possible.

All our partner universities are amongst the highest ranked in each country. Every institution is part of our Erasmus partner network. Thus, students taking part in this degree programme will be eligible for Erasmus funding. For more details, please look on the International Students Homepage or here. Currently, we have partner universities in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Spain. For more detailed information about our partner universities, please click the link for the relevant country on the left hand menu.