Italian Flag Italy is famous for its cultural heritage, warm climate and culinary background. The Italian population is well-known for their awareness of fashion and life-style. Four Italian universities are known to be the oldest in the western world, awarding degrees almost a century earlier than the University of Oxford. However, what is rarely known is that some Italian universities host high-profile scientists and provide world-class teaching in Chemistry, too. Combined with the historical setting and the possibility to be fluent in a romance language, the Italian year abroad will become a key experience for every student. Erasmus agreements with Italian universities have been set up for the first time this year, they enlarge our long-standing scientific contacts to Italy. Special care had to be taken for Italy concerning important criteria such as safety/crime, international connectivity, public transportation and availability of accommodation. Our Erasmus partners have fulfilled these criteria and pastoral visits of academic staff during the year abroad are essential in this context. Both host institutions offer additional Italian courses for freshly arriving foreign students.

Partner Institutions