Chemistry Stores

This page contains links to various forms that can be used for ordering items. These forms send 3 order confirmation e-mails: one to the stores supervisor, one to the person who actually filled out the form and one to the account holder.

University Web Requisition Form

Order Forms for Common Items

These forms can be used for ordering items such as chemicals and stationery. Note that the tabular output generated by these e-mails may look garbled in your e-mail browser unless you have the following key settings:

  • A fixed-width font for plain text e-mails.
  • A wide-enough reading pane — if it isn't wide enough, some of the columns will spill over onto the next line.

The reading pane can be adjusted manually with the mouse; the other settings can be achieved in Outlook 2007 as follows:

  1. Select ToolsOptions and then choose the Mail Format tab. Select Plain Text for the Message Format.
  2. Still in the Mail Format tab, click Stationery and Fonts… and then click the Font… button in the Composing and reading plain text messages section. A good choice is the Consolas font (which is the fixed-width equivalent of the default Calibri font).

If you're using Outlook 2003 the procedure is similar except when in the Mail Format tab there is a section called Stationery and Fonts (rather than a button) and there is a Font… button within this section. Clicking this button takes you to a menu where you can set up a font for reading plain text e-mails. By default this font is a fixed width font (Courier New) so you might not have to do anything.