RSC Careers Fair

The RSC have announced the launch of a careers fair. Please click the link above for further information. You can also download a poster.

What can I do with my Chemistry degree?
[Student working in fume cupboard]

This is a question we are frequently asked by applicants and the best way to answer it is to provide some examples of what our previous students have gone on to do. It is also encouraging to note that an RSC report in 2010 estimated that there are 6 million chemistry-related jobs!

The links below show you what just a few of our graduates are doing now. We have deliberately chosen people at different stages of their careers and in a variety of different roles to illustrate what a Chemistry degree from Newcastle can do for you, both now and in the future.

Further Information

More information on on the careers and other graduate opportunities open to students with degrees in Chemistry can be found on the Prospects website.

Specific information on the careers support available at Newcastle, and the destinations of Newcastle Chemistry students, can be found on the University Careers Service website