Samira Hribesh

Samira grew up in Al- Khoms, a small town near to the capital city Tripoli, inLibya. She received her first degree from Al-Mergeb University, with a study into the chemical properties of gold. Her Masters project was a study into the soft coral of the Sarcophyton species and the marine algae of the Ulva species and their importance in biological activities as antioxidants. She then worked as a lecturer at Al-Mergeb University for six months.

Currently, she has funding from the Government of Libya for her PhD inNewcastle working on the synthesis of 2'-deoxy6-thioguanosine 5'triphosphate for incorporation into DNA through polymerase-based methods. The thiol-modified DNA can be loaded with metal ions to form metal / DNA hybrid nanowires. During her free time she loves reading stories and cooking.