School of Chemistry



The School of Chemistry is committed to delivering quality outreach activities for schools.

school students on an outreach programme

After a returning from a very successful secondment with the Royal Society of Chemistry, Dr Peter Hoare was appointed as the School’s first dedicated Outreach Officer in September 2009. His work clearly show the School’s commitment to developing and implementing a sustainable chemistry outreach programme across the region.

Our dedicated Chemistry Outreach Laboratory facility enhances the quality and quantity of practical laboratory sessions we offer to local schools.

Activities for schools

We offer a variety of activities for schools, including:

We also have laboratory facilities, which are avilable for school's to use all year round.

Activities for teachers

We run continuing professional development (CPD) sessions for teachers, especially to support the teaching of A Level Chemistry.

Further information

We actively welcome requests for bespoke or ad hoc activities. If you're from a local schools or interested group working with young people to promote science, we'd love to hear from you.

For further information, to be added to our email list, or to make a booking please contact us.