Teacher's CPD

Available on demand/as announced

We offer a range of CPD opportunities tailored to the requirements of local and regional Chemistry and Science teachers to support and enhance the teaching and learning of Chemistry.

Our Outreach Officer, Dr. Peter Hoare, is actively involved in the delivery of a variety of Chemistry and Science CPD courses from a range of providers, including:

     1.  Chemistry for Non-Specialists (Royal Society of Chemistry/Wellcome)


     2.  Getting Practical (Association for Science Education/DFE)


     3.  Active Approaches in A-level Chemistry (and other courses) (Science Learning Centre NE)

          Dr Hoare has delivered or co-delivered several "Active Approaches" courses including the generic national course often

          run as 3 "twilight" sessions across a half-term in various venues and also two on the theme of "Transition Metals" (with

          Anne Willis from Northumbria) which was a very hands-on practical course. Our next course for the SLCNE is on 11th

          November 2011, hosted in the Chemistry Outreach Laboratory, entitled "Practical Chemistry - Medicinal Chemistry"

          and will also be a very hands-on practical day relevant to chemistry teachers at GCSE, BTEC, A-level and Applied A-

          level. Booking should be made through the SLCNE online portal by clicking the link above.

Dr. Hoare is also involved in supporting specific Professional Development sessions across the Newcastle Secondary Science PGCE course, both specialist sessions for the chemists and non-specialist sessions for the biologists and/or physicists.

Plus bespoke sessions can always be arranged tailored to the specific requirements of individual teachers, school chemistry and/or science departments and/or clusters of schools.

Please contact us for further details or click on the links above for specific information about each of these CPD courses.


Dr Peter Hoare

Chemistry Outreach Officer


Tel. 0191 208 8542