Headstart Summer School

An annual event that takes place in June each year

Last year the School of Chemistry were proud to continue to host the only chemistry specific Headstart Summer School in the UK!

A group of 30 year twelve students from across the country joined us for four days to experience practical activities from the three main subject areas of chemistry.

The students made a transition metal complex (inorganic), an ester (organic) and analysed the percentage of copper in some alloys using colorimetry (physical).

student carrying out an organic synthesis in the Outreach Laboratory

They visited the MSD manufacturing plant in Cramlington to see how chemistry is applied in the pharmaceutical industry.

The students also attended a 'What's it Like to Study Chemistry at Newcastle' session with our undergraduate admissions tutor and several current undergraduates representing each of our main course programmes, e.g. Chemistry and Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry, Industrial Placement or Study Abroad. This included a talk, a tour of the School of Chemistry and an informal question and answer session with the current students.

They also attended a demonstration lecture entitled 'Chemistry of the Senses' given by our Outreach Officer and Headstart Chemistry School host, Dr Peter Hoare.

Check out the Focus Chemistry Headstart course page for further details.