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PARTNERS Summer School

PARTNERS Summer School

Our Summer School will help you develop your study skills and learn about university life. The experience will give you extra confidence when entering your first year.

If you attend one of the University's partners schools and colleges you may be eligible to receive a lower conditional offer from the University. An important part of this process includes the successful completion of an eight-day Asessed Summer School.

The Summer School gives potential undergraduate students the opportunity to engage in a number of scientific sessions, and introduces subjects beyond the school curriculum.

During the Summer School, you will attend six two-hour academic sessions, and complete assessed homework on a broad range of topics in chemistry. 

The programme is co-ordinated by Dr Eimer Tuite. A range of interesting and topical issues will be covered by Dr Tuite, Dr Celine Cano, Dr Mike Carroll, Dr Peter Hoare, Prof Bernard Golding and Dr Zuleykha McMillan.


The PARTNERS Programme Supported Entry Route is intended for people who have the potential to succeed at Newcastle University but who, for a variety of reasons, may not feel confident about applying, or are not sure that university is for them. Students must fulfil certain eligibility criteria in order to take part. 

For more information, visit the University's Schools and Colleges website.


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