Primary Schools

These activities are held all year round and available upon request.

Currently we offer a range of experiments and demonstrations linked to a various areas of the national curriculum. These experiments include:

  • balloon rockets - a simple investigation teaching young students many important scientific elements regarding thrust, air resistance and aerodynamics
  • bridge over cardboard water - students learn the importance of structure and teamwork to see who can produce the strongest bridge out of everyday materials
  • disappearing ink - students are taught simple acid-base theory to explain some important chemical concepts
  • layered liquids - students learn the basics of why some liquids are miscible together and others are not

Also available are a bank of experiments that can be used 'just for fun' to show students the excitement that chemistry can offer. These are aimed to enthuse students into thinking about studying sciences later in their education without losing interest at a young age.

Further information

If you would like to receive any furthee information about the primary school experiments that we offer, to be added to our emailing list, make a booking or to request one of our outreach brochures, please contact us.