National Science Week "Science Showcase"

school children involved in science week

This is an annual event that takes place in March.

It is an annual 'Science Showcase' public engagement event, organised by Thomas Hepburn Community School, Gateshead at the Metro Centre as part of our regional activities that contribute to National Science Week in March.

Students and staff from a range of local schools exhibit and demonstrate science and its importance to everyday life to the general public.

Each year our Outreach team have great fun visiting the stalls of the primary and secondary schools that bring their own brilliant and interactive exhibits and demonstrating a selection of our own experiments, such as:

  • the acidity of aqueous CO2
  • cryogenic effects on the properties of common materials
  • DNA extraction from fruits
  • a plasma ball
  • non-newtonian liquids
  • chemistry in your shopping basket

For further information please contact us.