Useful Online Resources for Chemistry Teachers

Newcastle University's Teacher's Toolkit

The Royal Society of Chemistry's online resources include:

A-level specific:
  • Bestchoice - - a learning support website with options for ALL UK A-level exam specifications.
  • Spectra School - - support for teaching spectroscopy - mass, i.r., u.v., 1H and 13C n.m.r. spectra for over 50 compounds.
  • Interactive Lab Primer - - support for practical techniques - explanations, animations and narrated video clips covering practical techniques needed at both A-level and stage 1 undergraduate level.
Other secondary resources:


Other RSC websites to support Chemistry teaching include:
  • Practical Chemistry -
  • ChemIT -
  • Interactive Periodic Table -
  • LearnNet -

Please also see the Teachers section of the Education section of the RSC website.

Free online databases of spectra and other information:

In addition to submitting a query to us you might want to search the World Wide Web. Use the links to go to your favourite search engine.