The local infrastructure supporting research includes mechanical and electronics workshops, each staffed by highly trained technicians. These workshops design, build and repair instruments for scientific research. There is a well-equipped workshop for glassblowing, run by John Marshall. The Chemistry Stores keeps a large stock of routine supplies and chemicals, and dispenses organic solvents.

The School operates an MBraun Solvent Purification System for producing bulk quantities of common organic solvents. This system offers double-column purification with pre-filters to remove particles and moisture and dispenses solvents directly into the storage vessel maintained under an inert atmosphere. The set-up is housed in a recently renovated laboratory. A general instrument room, organised by Andrew Crawford, provides access to a wide range of state-of-the-art instruments, mostly purchased through SRIF monies. These instruments include:

  • Varian Saturn 2200 GC-MS;
  • Varian CP-3800 GC / TCD;
  • Varian 800 series FT-IR Scimitar Series;
  • Varian Pro Star HPLC system with DAD;
  • Varian Pro Star HPLC system with UV detector and fraction collector;
  • Waters Acquity uPLC - MS system;
  • ADP 440 polarimeter.

In addition, the School provides researchers with direct access to steady state and time-resolved luminescence spectrometers, FT infrared spectrometers, stopped-flow and rapid-mixing spectrophotometers, and UV-visible spectrophotometers. There are excellent X-ray crystallography and NMR facilities that underpin much of the on-going research. Extensive computing facilities are also available that underpin much of the modelling activity in the school.