Research Showcase

Journal covers featuring recent school research.
Highlighting some of the School's recent research…

Isotope Production for Cancer Detection
The first of a new generation of Cyclotrons for the production of the isotope 18F, used as a tracer for detecting cancers, has been delivered to the Chemistry Department here at Newcastle.

Catalysts and Solvents for Sustainable Organic Chemistry
The research group of Michael North, pursuing various aspects of organocatalysis, collaborates with crystallographers led by Bill Clegg, making use of both in-house and synchrotron X-ray sources, to promote synthetic methods that are efficient, targeted, environmental and selective, avoiding traditional alternatives that are more harmful and costly.

BODIPY… alive and well in Newcastle!
Fluorescence spectroscopy is one of the most important and sophisticated analytical tools, being able to detect single molecules, used in chemistry and biology. Applications for fluorescent dyes include such diverse topics as environmental monitors, molecular rulers, chemical sensors, imaging reagents and sensitisers for solar cells. Chemistry at Newcastle is making critical contributions to the field through detailed examination of boron dipyrromethene (BODIPY) dyes.

Artificial Photosynthesis
As our stock of fossil fuels gets evermore depleted, the public looks to science to provide inspired solutions for generating massive amounts of energy from replenishable sources. The only viable solution is to capture sunlight and use the photonic energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen under controlled conditions. But how to achieve this goal — set over 100 hundred years ago by HG Wells? Chemistry at Newcastle is helping set the agenda by organising key scientific conferences to discuss all aspects of artificial photosynthesis.

Computational Chemistry
Computers play an essential role in contemporary chemistry and allow scientists to examine molecules and molecular properties in tremendous detail. Chemistry at Newcastle employs sophisticated computational tools in all areas of research and undergraduate teaching.