Additional Services

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We offer the following additional services:

  • Real-time investigation of temperature-induced phase transitions, solid-state reactions and polymorph transformations of crystalline samples by use of our hot-stage microscope (temperature range between 77 and 873 K).
  • Access to X-ray powder diffraction experiments, thermal analysis and crystal structure determination from crystalline powders.
  • Recrystallisation service to improve crystal quality.
  • Polymorph, co-crystal and solvate screening, tailored to suit the customer's needs.
  • In the rare case that crystals are not of sufficient quality for a data collection with our instrument at Newcastle, we want to assist the client in the best way possible, even when logistics are concerned. Professional assistance and guidance will be given to apply for beam time at Station I19 at the National Synchrotron Facility Diamond Light Source (DLS) thanks to our strong link to the national synchrotron facilities.
  • Report and publication writing.
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