Electrical Safety

Electrocution is to be avoided at all costs when working with electronics. Professionals do not get electrocuted and to keep safe you must be professional with electronics. The electronic industry use particular methods to keep the public safe and usually If you have to destroy casing, or cable insulation or use a tool to open equipment then you must be trained and competent. Otherwise…

No User Servicable Parts Inside
  • If you need to go inside some electrical device and don’t feel qualified then please contact us in the electronic workshop so we can maintain safety.
  • Openings on equipment are designed to prevent electrocution and fingers will not fit through. Never defeat this by using any tool through these openings.
  • If equipment is flooded then there is a risk of electrocution - please contact us in the electronic workshop so a safe working environment is maintained.
  • Have your portable appliances tested regularly and more often if they are in a harsh environment. Check for burns and damage to plugs, cables and casings both before and after use.

Chris Burrow