Mechanical Workshop: Service and Repair of Equipment

System/pump Servicing and Repair

The workshop is able to service most vacuum pump types from rotary oil vane, diaphragm and scroll. We provide a service from simple oil changes and testing, with precision measuring gauges, to full overhauls. We also repair faulty motor bearings and supply all necessary fittings to build a vacuum system to your requirements. In addition we can repair/service rotary evaporators and other equipment.

Vacuum Pump Advice
Vacuum pumps are expensive pieces of equipment and it is worth looking after them.

Rotary Oil Pumps (high vacuum)

Often used on Schlenk lines and freeze dryers With our expertise in this area we recommend an oil change and flush, with gas ballast at least every three months. Please arrange a regular service with us to keep your equipment in good working order. If you notice any contamination at all in the sight glass of your pump, please arrange to bring the pump to the workshop as soon as is practical. The longer you leave a pump running with solvents etc in the oil the more chance you have of damaging the pump permanently. Service kits and spare parts are available and we can get these at favourable rates if disaster ever strikes.

Top Tip
Every day we recommend running your vacuum pump on GAS BALLAST FOR 30 MINUTES before you start your chemistry and after you’ve finished for the day. Close the vacuum connection to your line or equipment and open the valve marked gas ballast. This purges the pump of contaminates and keeps the pump in good condition for longer.

If you think there is any kind of problem at all, from oil leaks to strange smells or noises emitting from the pump contact the workshop immediately and we will find a solution.

The above information is also available as a printable document.

Contact Details

If you have any specific questions about repair and maintenence then please contact us using the workshop email address below.