MChem Chemistry with Study Abroad

Course dates: 2010 - 2014

Choosing Newcastle

I visited Newcastle on a bright sunny day and immediately fell in love with the city. I loved how I could walk from the School of Chemistry and be in town in two minutes. The people, both at the university and the locals, are kind and friendly, and are always willing to help.

Studying at Newcastle

I have really been enjoying Chemistry at Newcastle, all the lecturers strive to keep classes interesting, and there is lots of help available when needed. The lab facilities are excellent and labs really help you better understand the theory.

The good thing about Chemistry here at Newcastle is that you can change your mind about your course at almost any point throughout the first two years, so if you decide after first year that you'd like to spend a year abroad, or a year working in industry, you can do it!

Living in Newcastle

Living in Jesmond is really great as it's were almost all the students live, so all your friends are quite close by! There's also a good selection of shops, restaurants and bars, meaning you can have a good night there without having to traipse into town.

Socialising at Newcastle

There's so much to do in Newcastle, there's almost no time to work! The city centre is great for shopping, and Newcastle is known for its amazing nightlife. You're also extremely close to the beach, countryside for walking and climbing, and even a quick day trip to Edinburgh if you fancy it.

Best thing about Newcastle

At Newcastle you can have the best time of your life studying at a fantastic university, meeting loads of amazing people, and living in a city with almost everything to do in a small and beautiful space.