A To Z

Professor Loranne Agius
Professor of Metabolic Biochemistry

Dr Andrew Banks
Experimental Scientific Officer

Professor Richard Boys
Professor of Applied Statistics

Dr Kirsten Brandt
Senior Lecturer

Dr Bernadette Carroll
Research Associate

Emeritus Professor Tim Cawston
Strategic Res Advisor (William Leech) and William Leech Professor of Rheumatology

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 5363

Professor Nicola Curtin
Professor of Experimental Therapeutics

Dr Piero Dalle Pezze

Sharon Denley
NUIA Programme Manager

Dr Joanna Elson

Professor Dianne Ford
Professor of Molecular Nutrition

Dr Colin Gillespie
Senior Lecturer in Statistics

Dr Andrew Golightly
Senior Lecturer in Statistics

Dr Laura Greaves
Newcastle University Research Fellow

Dr Amanda Greenall

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 7444

Professor Mary Herbert
Professor of Reproductive Biology

Professor John Edward Hesketh
Professor of Mammalian Molecular Biology

Professor Thomas Kirkwood CBE
Associate Dean for Ageing

Claire Kolenda
Research Technician

Dr Viktor Korolchuk
Lecturer in Neurobiology of Ageing

Professor Majlinda Lako
Prof of Stem Cell Science

Dr Conor Lawless
Research Associate

Dr Allyson Lister

Professor John Loughlin
Prof of Musculoskeletal Research

Professor David Lydall
Professor of Genome Stability

Dr Laura Maringele
Wellcome Trust CD Fellow

Dr Carmen Martin-Ruiz
Senior Research Associate

Professor John Mathers
Professor of Human Nutrition

Dr Eugene Milne
Associate Clinical Lecturer

Dr Christopher Morris
Senior Lecturer

Dr Glyn Nelson
Senior Research Associate

Bob Nicholson
Campus Technical Manager

Dr Craig Parker
Research Technician

Dr Joao Passos

Dr Carole Proctor

Dr Christopher Redfern
Reader in Retinoid Molecular Biology

Dr Gabriele Saretzki
Lecturer in Ageing Research

Dr Daryl Shanley
Director of CISBAN

Dr Graham Smith
Experimental Scientific Officer

Dr Gordon Strathdee
Lecturer in Genome Instability

Professor Doug Turnbull
Director of the Wellcome Trust Centre

Professor Thomas von Zglinicki
Professor of Cellular Gerontology

Professor Darren Wilkinson
Professor of Stochastic Modelling

Professor Anil Wipat
Professor of Integrative Bioinformatics

Professor David Young
Professor of Musculoskeletal Biology

Dr Anze Zupanic

  • Telephone: (0) 191 208 1120