Mechanisms of dietary restriction in mice – cell senescence

Project Leader(s): Thomas von Zglinicki
Staff: Chunfang Wang, Mandy Maddick, Diana Jurk
Sponsors: BBSRC

We have shown that the frequency of senescent cells increases with ageing in many tissues of normal mice (Wang C et al. Aging Cell 9 (2009): 311-6). Now, Chunfang Wang and Mandy Maddick analyse the effects of DR. First results indicate that even relatively short, late-onset DR might reduce frequencies of senescent cells, for instance in the crypts of the gut epithelium.

Pictures show mice intestinal crypts stained with an antibody against activated H2AX (pink), a marker for DNA damage response and senescence.

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Chunfang Wang (Joyce)


Professor Thomas von Zglinicki
Professor of Cellular Gerontology