Mechanisms of dietary restriction in mice – whole body physiology

Project Leader(s): Thomas von Zglinicki
Staff: Kerry Cameron, Richard Boys
Sponsors: BBSRC

Kerry Cameron analyses whole-body physiology in our ageing and DR mice. She calculates energy balance by measuring food intake (weighing), digestive efficiency (feces calorimetry) and energy expenditure (using double labelled water technology). She uses magnetic resonance imaging to obtain body fat distribution and continuously monitors core body temperature and physical activity of the animals.

Image: Changes in body temperature (top) and activity patterns (bottom) in one ad libitum fed (black) and one DR (red) mouse over the course of 4 days. Different patterns are clearly recognisable. Statistical analysis is performed by Richard Boys and Andrew Golightly.

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Kerry Cameron


Professor Richard Boys
Professor of Applied Statistics

Dr Andrew Golightly
Senior Lecturer in Statistics

Professor Thomas von Zglinicki
Professor of Cellular Gerontology