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Staff Profile

Professor Chris Seal

Prof of Food & Human Nutrition


Roles and Responsibilities

Chair of Joint Board of Studies, Food & Human Nutrition and Sport & Exercise Science BSc

Previous Positions

1983 - Present, Newcastle University
1983 – 1986 Demonstrator, Department of Agricultural Biochemistry and Nutrition.
1986 – 1992 Research Associate, Department of Biological and Nutritional Sciences.
1993 – 1994 Senior Research Associate, Department of Biological and Nutritional Sciences.
1994 – 1998 Lecturer (Grade B), Department of Biological and Nutritional Sciences.
1998 – 2005 Lecturer (Grade B) in Food Studies, Department of Biological and Nutritional Sciences; then School of Agriculture, Food & Rural Development (AFRD).
2005 – 2008 Senior Lecturer in Food Studies, AFRD.
2008 – 2017 Professor of Food & Human Nutrition, AFRD.
2017 - Present Professor of Food & Human Nutrition, Institute of Cellular Medicine (ICM)


Nutrition Society
Institute of Food Science and Technology
American Association of Cereal Chemists

Citations to my papers in Google Scholar can be found through this Link Here

Citations to my papers in Scopus can be found through this Link Here [Scopus id 7003779645]


Research Interests

Effect of diet on health and disease, with a particular focus on the role of wholegrain foods, fruits and vegetables in cardiovascular disease prevention.

Understanding consumer behaviours in the context of food choice and adoption of healthy, sustainable diets.

Current Work

Determining whole grain consumption in the UK population.

Behavioural studies have also been completed on the acceptability of whole grains and barriers to their consumption.

Antioxidant content of organic and conventional foodstuffs, and the effect of organic farming practices on food product composition and quality.

Previous research includes large-scale dietary interventions funded by the Food Standards Agency (a) to investigate effects of increased consumption of wholegrain foods on cardiovascular risk [joint project with the MRC-Human Nutrition Research Group, Cambridge], (b) to assess the usefulness of alkylresorcinols and mammalian lignans and metabolomics as potential biomarkers of whole grain-intake and (c) to investigate the effect of increasing consumption of green leafy vegetables and beetroot on cardiovascular risk factors.

Research Roles

In addition to leading a number of research projects, and supervising postgraduate students, I have been a member of the steering committees of another FSA-funded projects in collaboration with members of the Human Nutrition Research Centre.

Postgraduate Supervision

·    Currently supervisor/joint supervisor of 6 postgraduate PhD research students [1 awaiting examination]

Supervisor/joint supervisor of 20 successful postgraduate research students (17 PhD, 3 MD); all submitted in less than 4 years. The following completed in the past 5 years:

·       Rosie Dew (2015) 'Improvement of fruit product quality and shelf life by changing temperature conditions during transport and storage'.  ASDA-funded studentship.  Joint supervisor (50%) with Dr Kirsten Brandt.

·       Diky Ramdani (2014) Evaluation of tea and spent tea leaves as additives for their use in ruminant diets. Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture studentship.  Joint supervisor (10%) with Dr Abdul Chaudhry.

·       David Houghton (2014) ‘Modulation of fat digestion using bioactive alginates’.  BBSRC studentship.  Joint supervisor (50%) with Prof Jeff Pearson [Institute for Cell & Molecular Biosciences].

·        Noha Almoraie (2014) ‘Dietary patterns in Saudi Arabian adults residing in different locations in Saudi Arabia and in the UK in relation to heart disease risk’.  Saudi Government Scholarship.  Joint supervisor (50%) with Dr Georg Lietz.

·        Peter Chater (2014) ‘Bioactive alginates and macronutrient digestion’.  BBSRC studentship.  Joint supervisor (30%) with Prof Jeff Pearson [Institute for Cell & Molecular Biosciences].

·        Hsu Ching-Yu (2013) 'Evaluation of antioxidant properties of some commercially available culinary and medicinal mushrooms from Taiwan'.  Taiwan Government Scholarship.  Joint supervisor (50%) with Dr Ed Okello.

·        Helen Kendall (2013) ‘Food provisioning and the domestic food handling practices of the over 60s in the North East of England’.  Food Standards Agency Studentship.  Joint Supervisor (27%) with Dr Mary Brennan and Dr Sharron Kuznesof.

·        Salah Ali Al-Hebeil (2013) ‘Quantification of bread crust crispness including the effects of selected additives’.  Libyan Government Scholarship.  Joint supervisor (50%) with Dr Kirsten Brandt.

·        Eletheria Toufexi (2011) ‘Effect of hybrid and soil and foliar elicitor treatments on powdery mildew disease severity, crop performance and/or expression of disease resistance mechanisms in tomato and courgette plants.  Joint Supervisor (20%) with Prof Carlo Leifert and Dr Stephen Wilcockson.

·        Ahmed Z Javid  (2010) 'Dietary antioxidant status in relation to oral health'. Iranian Government Scholarship.  Joint supervisor (50%) with Dr Paula Moynihan.

·        Nikolaos Volakakis, (2010) ‘Development of strategies to improve the quality and productivity of organic and ‘low input’ olive production systems in semi-arid Mediterranean regions.  Greek State Scholarship Foundation.  Joint supervisor (20%) with Prof Carlo Leifert, Dr E. Kabourakis and Dr D Kollaros.

·        Javed Sultan (2010) MD 'Effect of perioperative immunonutrtion for oesophago-gastric cancer on antioxidant status, oxidative damage and clinical outcome'. Joint supervisor (100%) with Prof Mike Griffin.

 Learned Society and professional bodies

  • Honorary Scientific Development Officer, The Nutrition Society, 2006 – 2012
  • Honorary Programmes Secretary, The Nutrition Society, 1998 – 2004
  • Member of Council of the Nutrition Society, 1994 – 2004; 2006 - 2012

Other ‘Esteem Indicators’

  • Member of BBSRC Panel of Experts 2015 - present
  • Chair of RCUK-CONACYT (Mexico) Newton Fund Assessment Panel, May 2016
  • Supplements Editor, British Journal of Nutrition 2004 – 2011
  • External Assessor, South African National Research Foundation, 2001 – Present
  • Referee of grant applications to the BBSRC, European Research Advisory Board, and The Wellcome Trust
  • Member of Food Standards Agency Assessment panels for research calls in cardiovascular health and micronutrient status 2006 – Present
  • Member of Healthgrain Forum (Network developed from Healthgrain EU FP6 Integrated Project)
  • Regular referee of peer-reviewed articles for many international Journals

International presentations and activities

  • Invited speaker, Vitafoods Europe, Geneva, May 2016
  • Invited speaker, British Dietetics Association Annual Meeting, March 2016
  • Invited speaker, British Dietetics Association Research Meeting, November 2015
  • Invited speaker, Nutrition Society Summer Meeting, Glasgow, July 2014
  • Invited speaker, Heart UK Annual Conference, Warwick, July 20124
  • Invited speaker, Healthgrain Symposium, IUNS Congress, Granada, September 2013
  • Invited speaker, Nutrition Society, Belgian Nutrition Society, French Nutrition Society Joint Meeting, Lille, 2013
  • Invited speaker, Royal Society of Medicine, London, March 2013
  • Round Table participant, Whole Grain Definitions, Cereal Partners Worldwide, Chicago, December 2012
  • Invited speaker, Heart UK Annual Conference, Newcastle upon Tyne, July 2012
  • Opening Plenary Lecture, Nordic Nutrition Conference, Gothenburg, May 2012
  • Organising Committee, Invited speaker and Workshop Panel member, Whole Grain Global Summit, Minneapolis, May 2012
  • Invited speaker, Royal Society of Medicine, London, March 2012
  • Invited speaker, Nutraformulate Meeting, Birmingham, March 2012
  • Invited speaker, FENS, Madrid, October 2011
  • Invited speaker, 1st International Food Quality and Health Conference, Prague, May 2011
  • Invited speaker, 12th Annual Food, Diet & Health Conference, Glasgow, Scotland, October 2010 (sponsored by the Home Grown Cereals Authority)
  • Invited speaker, 2nd International Public Health Nutrition Conference, Porto, Portugal, September 2010 (sponsored by Kraft and Healthgrain EU FP& project)
  • Invited speaker, International Horticultural Conference, ISAFRUIT special symposium, Lisbon, Portugal, September 2010 (sponsored by ISAFRUIT EU project)
  • Invited speaker, Royal Society of Medicine, Evidence Based Nutrition, London, May 2010
  • Invited speaker, Satellite to Canadian Dietetics Association Annual Meeting, May 2010
  • Invited speaker Experimental Biology, Satellite to Association for Nutrition Annual Meeting, Anaheim, US, April 2010



Undergraduate Teaching

NUT3006 Food & Human Nutrition Honours Projects (ML)
NUT3106 Food Marketing & Nutrition Honours Projects (ML)
NUT3007 Sports and Exercise Nutrition (ML)
NUT2001 Principles of Nutrition
NUT2003 Food Science and Technology
ACE1041 Investigating Agri-Food Systems from Farm to Folk
ACE3040 Animal Product Quality and Marketing