Combined Honours Modules for Visiting Students


The Combined Honours Centre hosts four modules which are offered exclusively to visiting students:

Philosophy and Ethics (PDF: 92KB)
HSS1002, Semester 2, 10 credits.

Where do our moral values come from? How should we behave toward one another? This module will examine some answers to these questions and assess their significance for current ethical debates over issues such as euthanasia, stem cell research, punishment and the environment.

Students will consider the role of reason, religious beliefs, emotion and story-telling in forming and justifying moral beliefs and practices and critically reflect on the implications of these for private and public morality. Major philosophers of the western tradition such as Kant, Hume and Mill will be introduced along with material from postmodern and feminist writers.

Cross-Cultural Awareness Skills (PDF: 97KB)
HSS1004, Semester 1, 10 credits
HSS1005, Semester 2, 10 credits

This module is all about you and the experience you're having as a student in a new culture! Taught with the aim of helping students develop cross-cultural skills to help them succeed during their study abroad placement, the module will help students understand how cross-cultural issues are present in their daily lives, and challenge their own ideas surrounding culture and nationality. Overall, this module aims to help students have a great time in Newcastle by increasing understanding about culture and how it affects their lives.

British Culture (PDF: 114KB)
HSS2001, Semester 1, 20 credits.

This module explores some major aspects of British culture. It seeks to broaden and deepen students’ awareness of British culture, both historically and in contemporary society. Students will also identify and learn to use the resources for independent research in British culture.

The Art of Theological Reflection (PDF: 131KB)
HSS2004, Semester 1, 10 credits.
HSS2204, Semester 2, 10 credits.

This module seeks to understand what theology is and how to do it by learning from five important theologians throughout key turning points in history. Each lecture and seminar will focus on what each thinker has believed and taught about Christianity, but the goal is to discern from each thinker the art of theological reflection itself.